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Moving Tips

Helpful Moving Tips

Regardless of whether you are moving across town or interstate, moving can be quite stressful for you and your family, especially for young children. Planning what and when things need to be done before moving can reduce the stress on everyone involved in the move.

Don't get caught at peak time

December to February is generally the most popular time for moving. So, book well in advance whatever time you are moving. Confirm all arrangements about one week before the move.

Sizing up your new home

If possible, visit your new home and ensure that large items like fridges, freezes, lounge suites, etc. will fit their new positions. Check that there are sufficient power points for your electrical appliances. Don't forget the outlet for the TV antenna. Make a plan of your new home to indicate where your furniture will be positioned. Give a copy to the removalist and to the person supervising the "moving in".

Saving money by cutting down your travel weight

The less items you have, the less there is to move, and the less you pay your removalist. Professional removalists main charges are based on the volume of your possessions. So whenever possible try to reduce the amount of unnecessary items. You can get rid of them via selling them online, a garage sale or donate them to charity. Many things can be sold quite easily on eBay now, so when you’re ready to sell give it a go.

Counting Down

The following timetable is a suggested way to approach your move. Vary it to suit your own needs and circumstances.

8 weeks ahead

  • Ascertain a firm date for moving.
  • Have a thorough clean-out.
  • Run down frozen and canned foods.
  • Check that larger appliances and items of furniture fit in your new home.
  • Keep a list of incoming mail; notify change of address for any subscriptions.

4 weeks ahead

  • Prepare an inventory of everything and store it with your valuables.
  • List essential things you'll need on moving day.
  • Plan how and when to pack things.
  • Begin collecting large, sturdy cardboard boxes.
  • Advise your children's school/kindergarten of impending move.
  • Decide your children's new school/kindergarten.

2 weeks ahead

  • Start packing, labeling each box with contents and its intended location.
  • If moving interstate have your car serviced.

Last week

  • Arrange the redirection of your mail at the post office.
  • Arrange electoral roll transfer.
  • Organise final accounts for gas, electricity, water, telephone and internet
  • Confirm removalist.
  • Cancel local arrangements, eg mowing, newspapers.
  • Have a final clean-out, getting rid of inflammables, etc.

Last days

  • Collect anything outstanding: lay-by's, dry cleaning, shoe repairs, etc.
  • Return things like library books, movies, etc
  • Clean and defrost the fridge and freezer.

Moving day

  • You should be just about organised!
  • Consider carrying with you essential things you'll need when you first arrive.
  • Carry valuables and important documents.
  • Check that nothing has been left behind.